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Training Centre Contact Details

6th Floor, Building 14

Greenlane Clinical Centre
Pvt Bag 92189, Greenlane
Auckland, New Zealand
(see below for maps)
Tel: +64-9-3074949 xtn 26545#

Training Centre Staff

   Dr James Gardiner
   co-Director of Training
   email James



   Dr Song Chan
   co-Director of Training
   email Song



Admin person at Training Centre
   Fiona Tomlinson

   email Fiona



Dr Gary Cheung

Academic Programme Director
email Gary


Training Facilitators 

(local coordinators of training within each DHB)

Training Facilitator for Auckland DHB (Central Auckland)
Dr Paul Sussman 
email Paul

Training Facilitator for Counties Manukau DHB (South Auckland)
Temporary vacancy 

Training Facilitator for Waitemata DHB (North & West Auckland)
Dr Tibi Csizmadia (Waimaririe CMHTs North Shore, WDHB: 09-487-1500)
email Tibi

Training Facilitator for Northland DHB
Dr Verity Humberstone (via Whangarei Hospital NDHB: 09-430-4101)
email Verity 


Map of Greenlane and route to the Training Centre.

Those with an ADHB parking sticker can use staff parking areas at low cost. Others can use visitor parking, but it costs more. 
See the map below for cheaper parking options.

pdf file download of the map above

You can sometimes find a park in Claude Road or the streets near Claude Rd, but be warned, parking wardens do check so you might get a ticket.
If you're parking over behind Alexandra Park a steering wheel lock is recommended as it's a bit isolated.