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Mäori Mental Health Training

The revised RANZCP Training Regulations have since 1996 specified that "Training or other suitable experience in relation to indigenous cultural issues relevant to the practice of psychiatry" is a requirement and needs to be completed prior to the end of Basic Training. In New Zealand, this is a requirement for training in Mäori Mental Health.

The Northern Region programme provides this training through a website, Te Iho, which supplements clinical experience with Mäori patients and their whänau. The website is available for all registrars in New Zealand and for all New Zealand-based Exemption Candidates, and the RANZCP's formal requirements in Mäori Mental Health Training are met by completion of the Te Iho assessments (downloadable in WORD format from Te Iho). Other mental health staff and members of the public are welcome to use the site as a resource, but only assessments sent in from registrars or Exemption Candidates will be critiqued. The Te Iho website provides information relevant to those completing RANZCP training and the assessments require written responses to questions about Mäori history, identity and mental health, as well as completion of a case history and an account of a discussion with a Mäori cultural worker or kaumätua. 


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