Mini-CEX Sample (reasonable standard) - things to consider

These videos were made for the College to use for training and the parts are played by actors, psychiatrists or registrars - the writers didn't get all the details correct so ignore the weird sertraline dose. We think this is supposed to be a trainee doing a Mini-CEX at a reasonable standard.

The trainee seems most likely to be in Stage 2 (2nd to 3rd year) - so more experienced than a 1st year.

It's not really possible to grade this fully as it's only 4 minutes, not a full 20 min Mini-CEX, but given the artifically compressed session, the trainee covers the issues fairly well and has a good manner and interaction with the patient.

However, this is supposed to be the first follow-up for a depressed young man who's not properly recovered - yet there's no self-harm risk assessment. In the full 20 minute Mini-CEX you'd definitely want that to be well covered.