Mini-CEX Sample (poor standard) - things to consider

This one's included more for light relief – it's laughably bad, so not a very good example of the real thing.

The trainee seems most likely to be in Stage 1 (1st year) - so quite inexperienced.

Ignoring the scripted poor performance by the trainee, what do you think of how the supervisor handles the session? Note that he sometimes frowns obviously at the trainee and makes notes on his clipboard. Would you do this in a family meeting if part of it were being used for a Mini-CEX? Do you think the supervisor should have intervened and taken over the meeting earlier?

In workshops, most psychiatrists agreed that handling a family meeting of this sort is quite a difficult task, and not one they'd feel happy letting a 1st year registrar manage by themselves. Some said they'd let the registrar open the meeting and do the initial part, and then they'd do the rest. Remember that the trainee only needs to do about 20 minutes for it to be used as a Mini-CEX.